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Hurricane Protection

We are ready for the hurricane season. Are you?

The Hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th and it can bring a lot of stress to the Floridian homeowners. We hope that storms never develop into hurricanes; however, if they do … we must be prepared for the worst.

Impact Dw can help you to be ready for the next hurricane. We offer shutters and impact products. Hurricane shutters are less expensive. However, Impact Products offers a variety of benefits.

The Storms and hurricanes bring high winds and heavy rain that can cause a lot of damage to your property. Impact doors and windows minimize the damage. Generally, the high winds will send flying debris directly to your window or door. Once the glass breaks many damages can occur, such as flood from rain, mold, wind can blow out your roof, etc. The impact glass is stronger and provides shatter-resistant barrier to high winds. So, even if does break, it won’t shatter easily.

Safety from Intruders

The impact Doors and windows provide extra protection to your home. The impact glass is stronger and it is built with several layers of glass. For an intruder to get into your property, he will need to pass the impact glass barrier. That would take time and a lot of noise.

Save on energy bills

Impact doors and windows can reduce the solar heat. Also, they provide protection from ultraviolet light. As a result, you will be able to save on your electrical bill.

Noise reduction

Impact Windows and doors protect your home and decrease the level of noise from the outside. The noise reduction happens because of the way the impact products are built. The Impact products are built with several layers of tempered glass that are hold together by shatterproof membranes.

Insurance premium discount

When you have Impact Resistant doors and windows installed in your property you can have discounts with your insurance company.


Impact Windows bring a much better appearance to your property than shutters. Also, you will be able to see everything outside the house during a hurricane. As a result, Impact doors and windows increase the value of the property.